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Eyesound is an audiovisual work that explores the sonification of a collection of eyes. Composed in puredata, through movement and colour detection each short video clip of various eyes suggest their own musical phrasing, harmonic cells, gestures, textures, dynamics, shape, form and structure. And so the work seeks to develop its own new musical language. The eyes therefore become the composer. In this way the eyes begin to be seen as a new input device and compositional tool for the computer musician and the electro acoustic composer.
Eyesound was composed in June 2015.

Alexonics by Simon Kilshaw.
An installation work for octophonic and octovisual performance. Alexonics is the sonificaltion of the Round Reading Room at University of Wales Trinity St David's Swansea College of Art, Round Reading Room, Alex Building, Swansea. Composed and performed by Simon Kilshaw 2015.

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